Adult Counselling Services

I have a private clinical counselling practice where I specialize in perinatal mental health, postpartum adjustment, birth trauma and other challenges faced during pregnancy and early parenting.

I also work with clients seeking relationship counselling with a focus on polyamory, LGTBQ and other non-traditional partnerships. I am sex-positive and inclusive.

For people in British Columbia, Canada your Extended Benefits may cover counselling by a BC Registered Social Worker. Please check with your employer to see if you can be reimbursed for my services.

I am now offering online counselling exclusively. Many clients have come to prefer online sessions because they:


  • Don’t live locally but still want to work with me
  • Have childcare challenges
  • Don’t want to deal with traffic or public transportation
  • Are busy and want to squeeze in sessions on a tight schedule
  • Prefer to stay home in their pajamas.
  • Are limiting their social exposure due to COVID-19.


Before your session I will send you a link to a secure online platform. At your appointment time simply click the link on your phone, tablet or computer.

Counselling Fees

Start with a 20-minute Consultation

Let’s meet before your first session to talk about how I help and make sure we are a great fit. Your comfort and feelings of safety are my number one priority!

My approach to counselling is flexible and holistic. As a Social Worker, I have a strong emphasis on how people relate to the world around them, with all of it’s beauty and challenges.  As a counsellor, I hold a few core values and beliefs, which show up in counselling sessions in a variety of ways: 


Change happens in the context of a warm, trusting, respectful and collaborative relationship.


When we own our story, we own our choices and our lives. Examining our story, and how we relate to it, changes how we interpret our world-for the better.


When we know our true selves we can make decisions in line with our values and preferred ways of being. I ask gentle questions that encourage examination and greater self-knowledge.


Trauma changes how we experience the world. Together we can work on ways to navigate and manage the effects of past trauma in a safe, collaborative and respectful manner.

Image: Jill Culver Sleep Consultant

I provide warm, collaborative and client-centered online counselling services to clients seeking clarity, support and opportunities for growth. I have a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia and am registered with the BC College of Social Workers.