I provide warm, collaborative and client-centered online counselling services to clients seeking clarity, connection and growth.

All counselling sessions are virtual, so there are no geographic limitations!

Jill Culver



My Main Areas of Practice Are:

Career Exploration and Coaching

Do you have professional goals that seem impossibly unattainable? Are you feeling stuck in your career and not sure what to do next?

I absolutely love coaching clients to uncover their hidden strengths, beliefs and desires in order to make better career decisions.

I take a values-based, narrative approach to career exploration that allows clients to progress with confidence and authenticity. Together let’s create a path toward your ideal future!

Pregnancy and Postpartum

I have over 20 years of experience working alongside families in providing non-judgmental support during this important time of life. Common concerns include mood issues, relationship changes, excessive fear, identity shifts and pregnancy loss. As a survivor of postpartum depression, I understand the crucial role of emotional support during the challenging years of early parenting.

I have completed Level 1 and 2 in treating Birth Trauma from the Birth and Trauma Support Centre.

Relationship Counselling

We live, love and heal in relationship with others. In the past I have worked with individuals, couples and other configurations to help navigate issues, improve communication and clarify values. I have Gottman Level I training. Finding quality therapy when you live outside the norms of traditional relationships can feel overwhelming and vulnerable. I am committed to providing safe sex-positive care to clients identifying as polyamorous, LGTBQ+, and/or gender diverse and I have advanced training in working with people practicing ethical non-monogamy.

Please note I am not currently accepting new clients for couple’s therapy.

People Don’t Fit in a Box… 

Of course, if you don’t really fit into one of these categories, but you’re feeling a pull and thinking we might be a good fit, that is totally fine! I would absolutely love to chat with you about how I can support you.

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Image: Jill Culver Sleep Consultant
Image: Jill Culver Sleep Consultant

Clarity, Connection and Growth