More Sleep Without Sleep Training

You and your family can get get more sleep

Without using sleep training, cry-it-out, or separation based techniques.

Let’s face it

…this parenting gig is hard.

Despite an infinite amount of parenting information and advice at our fingertips, parents are often left overwhelmed, confused and conflicted by the never ending influx of well-meaning instructions and suggestions.

This is especially true when it comes to our little one’s sleeping habits.

Tired parents are often presented with two unappealing options: Stay exhausted until they graduate high school or let them cry so they learn to need you less in the night.

What if there were another choice?

 What if you could learn gentle, respectful techniques and approaches that work WITH your child’s sleep patterns?

♥ What if there was a way to maximize your little one’s chances of a deep, restful sleep without leaving them to figure it out on their own?

 What if there was an approach that encouraged parents to follow their own intuition, respond to their children day and night, and foster the trusting and attached relationships that produce thriving families?

These solutions are available to you and peaceful sleep is possible. I’m here to help you get to that peaceful place.

To discover if my approach can help you get more sleep without sleep training, book a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation:

Who is Jill Culver?

I have over 20 years of experience working with families during pregnancy and early parenthood. I’m a Registered Social Worker with a Masters of Social Work from the University of British Columbia. I love helping new parents find their way as they navigate the uncharted waters of the challenging early years.

I believe that early parenthood is one of the most challenging, transformative and beautiful times in our lives. Raising our kids is an honour and a formative task; we deserve the best information, support and encouragement.

I am passionate about giving new parents the support they deserve.