Your Dream Job is Really Pretty Simple:

You want a job that doesn’t require you to ignore, suppress, or violate your core needs on a daily basis.

Is that too much to ask?


I’m Jill Culver, career counsellor to the disillusioned, the dissatisfied, and the downright depressed. Can I just state the obvious? You deserve to be happy at work!

Happiness, fulfillment and joy can and should apply to the hours between 9 to 5.

Image: Jill Culver Career Coaching

But for those of us who colour outside the lines and can’t comfortably fit into boxes (much less cubicles), it’s not easy.

Maybe you’ve found yourself at a career crossroads, struggling to make a decision about your next move. Maybe your values have shifted in response to the current wackiness of the world. Maybe your family situation has changed, and what made sense in the past no longer seems tolerable.

Or, perhaps, to quote The Dude, “New shit has come to light”, causing you to question your career choices and wonder what else is possible for you.

Or, maybe your work environment is toxic and it’s time to GTFO.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns that are clearly tied to your job situation, it can be especially hard to make decisions, set priorities, take action, or see a viable way forward. Having someone in your corner is crucial to move into a healthier reality.

I’m ready to get some help!

I’d like to ask you some questions first.

I’m here to help you find work that aligns with your values, strengths, priorities and authentic self — and find an environment that promotes balance and wellbeing.

But let’s talk about what’s really keeping you stuck. Because if leaving were easy, you would have done it already. Here’s what I’ve heard from my clients.

    • “At least I have a job. I should be grateful!”
    • “I’m too old to start over.”
    • “Feeling fulfilled and happy at work is a Millennial pipe dream. Nobody really has it!”
    • “It’s too much work to start a new career.”
    • “I don’t have the training/education and it takes too long, and too much money to get.”

Sound familiar?

There’s another whisper that should also sound familiar. The one that says “Feeling good about the work you do is possible. Flow is possible. Balance is possible. Purpose is possible.”

It’s possible.

Turn toward that voice. That’s the voice that will get you out.

Maybe you’ve tried taking online quizzes, asking for advice, trying out ideas (apprentice cheesemaker? Dogsitter to the stars? Professional lizard tamer?) but nothing seems to land.

Quiz results don’t reflect your background, strengths, fears, and unique situation. Most advice is geared toward climbing the corporate ladder (shudder).

The fact is: You are an unconventional person who requires an unconventional approach to figuring it out.

That unconventional approach is my specialty.

Image: Jill Culver Career Coaching

My holistic, systemic and bespoke approach to career exploration evolved from helping folks like you (and me).

Drawing on my background as a therapist, I’ll work with you to explore the path that got you here, the stories and beliefs that might (or might not) be holding you back from vocational bliss, and the best way to support you in moving confidently towards your dreams.

My background as a Social Worker gives me an acute awareness of how your environment affects your life, how your story influences your choices, and the challenges of changing both.

And, as a trained counsellor, I am future-focused and can work alongside you to set goals, strategize, and gently move beyond your comfort zone (where all the good stuff is!).

This work can get heavy.

We may talk about hopes, dreams, disappointments, fears, and the shit that happened to push you farther from your authentic self.

I am trauma-informed, overtly feminist, and firmly believe that you don’t have to sell your soul to make a living.

If that sounds like a fit, let’s connect:

Ready to start?


Finding career joy is not merely about checking boxes in an assessment and following a linear path to that static outcome. Your work is a big part of your complex, sometimes messy life, so a holistic, dynamic and bespoke (there’s that word again) approach is crucial to getting the results you deserve.

After working with me you can expect to:

Have clarity on what works and what does not work for you job-wise

Understand your values and how they affect who you are at work

Understand your unique strengths, talents and abilities, and how to communicate this to future employers (or clients)

Have healed employment wounds and reframed past disappointments so you can move forward more easily

Re-write the “career scripts” that may be undermining your career growth

Gain skills to use in your job search

Easily evaluate future opportunities so you can accept or decline with confidence and ease

Enjoy your life as someone whose work aligns with your authentic self

Frequently Asked Questions


How does career counselling work?

I offer my services on a per-session basis, and most clients find 5-7 sessions provide the support and clarity they are hoping for.

What is included in the sessions?

Our work together will cover a thorough career history, professional career assessments, detailed reports exercises, resources and insights, all geared toward your unique situation, goals and values.

Where is your office?

I work online only by Zoom.

Will my extended benefits cover career counselling?

I am a Registered Social Worker in Ontario and in British Columbia Canada. Many benefit plans cover my services in those provinces. Please check with your benefits provider or Human Resources department. I am unable to direct bill but will provide you with a receipt with my registration number to submit for reimbursement.

What are your qualifications?

  • Bachelor of Social Work degree and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of British Columbia.
  • Certified Life Coach through the Transformation Academy.
  • Certified in the Hope-Action Theory of Career Development
  • Masterclass in Career Coaching through University of British Columbia
  • Devour everything I can get my hands on about career change and coaching

I’d love to bring Career Clarity to my workplace, group, organization or event? Can we do that?

Sure can! Email me and we can discuss the possibilities.

What are your rates?

A 50 minute session is $225.00.

A consultation is always free!

Will you help me with my résumé?

I am able to provide résumé suggestions for current clients. However, this is not my best thing. I can recommend an excellent professional résumé specialist who can work with you if you are interested.

How do I book a session?

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I want to book a complimentary initial 20-minute conversation

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Need more information?
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